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15/1/2020 Update! The HTML book I ordered will be here in 2 days, then I can really get to work!

16/1/2020 Thank you to the people that sent me HTML tutorials!! I didn't expect people on this site to be so friendly. Thanks to peoples help, I added a background! Much better!!

I'm watching up and reading it all now. I'll soon make a second page for this log, and get started on the rest of what I want to make this site!

3/2/2020 - Added a changelog :^) Worked on art for the main page, which will be scanned and editted for the site tomorrow

4/2/2020 - I scanned in the image for my header, cleaned up the image, and put it on my site.
I'm working on other images that will be important to the first couple of pages I'll be making.
I've added a to-do list below my changelog. You'll also see that I made the dates on all of the changelog bold, and learned how to add lien breaks. I'm having a lot of fun learning how to do HTML.

To Do List